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CGG receives a varied and complex range of items for identification;
everything from colored stones and pearls, unusual carvings and jewelry, to the latest in synthetics, and simulants, as well as treated gems such as rubies, and sapphires.

Gem certification can cost between $10 and $300 + depending on the wants of the customer. Should a customer only require a certification that a pink gemstone is indeed a natural pink tourmaline only 2 or 3 tests would be necessary such as optical character, specific gravity and refractive index. These tests are relatively fast and inexpensive.

Should however, a yellow gemstone need to be tested to establish it is an unheated, natural, untreated, yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka, then all tests including laser induced breakdown spectroscopy would be required. This would take a great deal of time and cost a considerable sum and even then the origin can only be 'presumed' on evidence of 'optical character' to be Sri Lanka. In addition only a few labs worldwide can test for the complete range of induced foreign substances using advanced technology and established proceedures and CGG would need to sub-contract such an undertaking.

If the  customer only requires a certification that the yellow sapphire is indeed naturally mined then the cost is obviously rather less.

  • Our services restore confidence in gem identification.
  • We've been in business for over 10 years in Australia and Thailand and we shall shortly be offering an on-line service.
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Our Mission

Employing  the best  technology in his research and identification efforts, the
gemologist performs a variety of analytical investigations, including a
microscopic examination of the item, and performs all the tests required to
properly determine its gemological identity and detect any treatments.
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