Republican, Democrat or Other

How to satirically view your candidate

A politician usually belongs to a particular party and that party has policies which the member usually follows. Many politicians however have changed parties to accommodate their candidacy. Thus we need to examine their other features namely the image they project.
Image is defined by what is projected to you, the voter. Let us assume we have a candidate and that candidate needs to transform herself or himself from a common personality to an image of someone that shines like a ‘string of pearls’ to everyone else. Something everyone admires and wants.

First and foremost of we need media,light or exposure. Then we need to examine and use the relationships that bind all elements together then manipulate them. It is in knowing what these are and the rules that govern their interaction that allows the construction of our final image and enables us to render the result believable. Remember, this is satire!

I will try to construct a pearl, or even a string of pearls, from memory. To do this I will apply certain principles of observation and understanding.
I could do this very easily with paint but the processes would not be as clearly defined as using a computer.

So to begin. Let us imagine the largest pearl in the world sits on a red table in a room that has a blue ceiling. I am the viewer and I view the pearl from the front while behind me is a window. Outside it is a fine bright sunny day.

The Window
Me and the Window

Now if the pearl was someone else’s “eye” this is what it would observe.
Me, basic and a little crude?
The window in a similar condition. Together Add a blue ceiling, some walls and a red table (this is roughly what the pearl would see if it could see). Next we squeeze it into a round shape (with a computer this is easy, in a painting you would work backward). I am a little disappointed at this stage as it looks rather raw and nothing like a pearl. But, staring failure in the eye, we must proceed (faithful to our logic and needs).

blue ceiling, walls and
red table
make it round

So lets us rid ourselves of the black edges. Then, since a pearl is not a perfect mirror, I will blur everything ..
Now we can and add a little milky screen (I remember pearls are a little milky, aren't they?)

no edges and
milky screen

Still too much saturated color and dark values - perhaps another yellowish screen ... OK: let's cut it out and give it a hard edge ... as it is not made of fur!

yellow screen
a harder edge

That's looks better!


Now for our beautiful string!


So thus we have constructed a pearl from nothing. Just like a political campaign transforms a wannabe nobody into a promising political candidate. Our difficulty becomes keeping reality in plain view.

PS. So it is important we learn the essence or nature of the candidate before we worship them as pearls. With the 'pearls,' as with the world, that is the starting point. Everything exists in relationship to media, exposure, light and all other things. The rest is simple understanding of the human condition and applied logic - either with a brush or computer.