After lunch, or how the Trump brain Works

World famous anthropologist and psychologist Dr.Weldone-Gridpipethin G.G.(Belmont & Santa Anna) regarding Donald Trump from his paper ‘Trump’s Many Thoughts’ delivered to the sanitary workers conference (SWC) Washington 2023. 12.30am.

‘Ladies and Democrats,

Let us examine some of our great leader’s writings:
(attrib. Trump 2019). We now approach a topic of relationships, which, in entertainment, I have some knowledge but obviously in life I have little (thrice divorced). Every element in a politician can only be considered in its relationship with the other parts.
‘Very revealing I am sure to most of you, particularly the democrats.’

(attrib. Trump 2022) Let us imagine our life as a room and the room has a partition. On one side of the partition is a continually moving, changing world of disorder or chaos. It is populated by all the creatures of the imagination, and more than a few not invited. It is a world of the surreal, of dreams and nightmares, of anti-logic and senselessness. On the other side of our partition we have order, logic and regular forms, the world of the pyramids, spheres and cubes, the world of habit, pattern and order.
‘Those of you who clean the Senate latrines are well aware of these elements.’

(attrib. Trump 2020) Some people are not comfortable until the partition is forced to one end of the room (90% order 10% chaos). Others can live in a 50/50 situation, and yet others rejoice in the high chaos count. Some people believe it is a factor of age, gender, right or left brain, or early potty-training. Some refer to it as the Jeckle and Hyde syndrome while others mistake it as a threat.
‘I know those whose job it is to unblock the pipes know of such partitions.’

(attrib. Trump 2021) I believe most live with both sides of our existence and recognize the importance of each. We need chaos to think laterally to be inventive; to associate disparate ideas and concepts. Controlled chaos is the life blood of the creative political idea though this is not to underestimate the value of pattern, order and habit that are the very tools that allow meaning to be drawn from disorder; the foundation blocks of moral and civilized thought.
‘You who work underground will most likely intrinsically understand what I mean.’

(attrib. Trump 2022) Most classical tuition usually concerns itself with the rules and order side of the room in an attempt to define and symbolize the chaos about us. For some this may have moved the partition back a little. Never mind, just think of what you have learnt as a small toolbox with which the politician can use to assemble and understand whatever the imagination demands. Chaos is not a bag of dirty washing, it is rather a wardrobe of exotic costumes to be worn and perhaps cast aside.
‘I know all are concerned with the flippers and goggles you wear as part of your wardrobe for work so this will come as no surprise.’

(attrib. Trump 2023) Experiments of political movements are all attempts at dissembling and re-assembling, of moving into chaos to discover some new meaning. We should all similarly experiment, especially when we find order stifling creativity. I view it like this: We don't resolve things we construct relationships.
‘I know all of you are on your lunch break so I hope these few comments on the thoughts of President Trump will help you understand better the intellectual sophistication going on above your heads.

Thank you and goodnight.