We offer four very special AAA gems from our collection for purchase. Reasonable offers are considered. After the gem is purchased and paid for it will be sent to you for your approval. Should you decide not to proceed, that is fine and a full refund will be arranged immediately on return of the gem. Should you have any special order for a particular gem please contact us by email below with details and price. Use our Clean Green Gems Home site for your median price estimate as your guide.


When you buy your first piece of Titanite just put it near a candle or artificial light and be absolutely amazed! Light colored gems such as this have the most fire. Titanite has a rather unusual ability to take a beam of light and break it into all of the spectral colors, so that it will change color depending on the angle. Its dispersion, (fire,) is one of the highest of all gem materials and is higher than diamond. No collection of gemstones should be without a specimen of Titanite. This specimen is clear, natural, unheated and 3.40 carats. Median International Price:$1,810.



Color and fire are the main attributes of the top gems whatever the type. The best color for spessatite is bright orange/yellow sometimes refered to in the trade as 'mandarin'. Such is this specimen. It is also Portuguese cut for maximum fire. Some natural inclusions but it is perfect color and 2.55 carats. Make a stunning ring. Median International Price for dark spessatite:$200. Best quality 'AAA mandarin':$850+



Any gem that changes color is a rare find and a treat for collectors. Color change garnets primary source is Africa. The color change is primarily from cool colors(blues, purples etc.) in daylight to warm colors (reds, orange) in artificial and bright light. The more distinct the change of color, the more valuable the stone. Best cut shape is regular. Best depth is ideal or fine. Best clarity is 'clear' which is the most rare. This specimen is clean, natural and a large 3.45 carats. It has all the best attributes as well as a firey red in artificial light. Median International Price:$3,339.


Zircons exist in a wide range of colors, but the most expensive stones are deep blue, purple, red and orange. White zircons are also valuable, probably due to their extremely high 'diamond-like' refracting properties. Poor specimens too light or pastel colors. Best depth is ideal or fine. Worst is shallow with large window. Zircon has great 'fire'. This 'ocean blue'specimen is exceptionally clean and a large 4.40 carats with no window. It has all the best attributes of zircon as well as the color. Median International Price:$1,220.

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