This section of the Cowdisley site is still being developed! The present list of themes cover:

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Before the web was a commercial proposition the internet was an academic resource.
The 'Cowdisely Educational Site' was one such resource site and is dedicated to continuing this tradition as it offers its content freely, and in the belief that it is only by making such information accessible can we look forward to any sort of a worthwhile future. 'The Painter's Library of Themes' is another reource that links its own small onsite thumbnails to large uncopyrighted images. Its true content however, is the new linking of similar 'themes' in the area of the visual arts, and in particular, fine painting. Since most uncopyrighted paintings were made over 75 years ago those are mainly the ones you will see here, they are undoubtably the best anyway.
Where you, the student of viewer, believe a particular painting might be added to a category for the benefit of the site, and you have a scan of the painting, please send me an email to that effect.

A good example of a 'theme' might be the 'medical' paintings(below) showing symptoms of disease such as the accurate depiction of five different cases of blindness in Brugel's 'The blind leading the blind' or the classic symptions of congenital syphilis displayed in Velazquez's - 'Las Meninas'or even the obvious breast cancer of Rembrant's beloved 'Bathsheba'. Of course the intent is more obvious in Rembrant's 'Dr.Deyman's Anatomy Lesson'