We live a modern life in relationships with people, but once we also did the same with our environment. Sometimes we miss that! Let's call it our personal landscape. It was something we couldn't control. The Japanese invented Haiku so as to give a poetic snapshot of the seasons. It was intended to make the reader feel, through their senses, the time and place of the poem as it related to the seasons.

Larry McMurtry, a pultizer prize winner, who wrote powerful novels that were made into many Oscar winning movies, always indentified his characters in a definitive landscape, usually brutal or extreme, and just when folk thought they had it under control it would jump up and destroy them. It may have been the plains of Texas or the valleys of Montana, yet like early pioneers everywhere, they constantly fought the climate. It is what humans are designed to do. In fact the moods of our personality are usually mirrored in the moods of the landscape. That is why landscapes are so popular.

So first we live our life in our landscape. In fact our whole existence is one where we might pass through all the seasons and yet there are those particular ones that seem to define our existence.

They are not the same for everyone. A great landscape defines a universal human mood in paint, in its own magic window. The ones selected below try their best to define a particular mood.