. . . a romantic realist painter

David Hagan graduated from Teacher's College in 1962 and taught in high schools until 1967. After a number of years teaching, and wanting a change in lifestyle, he travelled to Paptia New Guinea where he managed coconut plantations. While there, and inspired by the lovely sunsets, he developed unique techniques for the treatment of light.

  He he has sold more than a thousand paintings and in 1991 he conducted a six-week instructional painting course which was so popular it lasted for three years.

 David moved to California in February 1997 and was most impressed with the watercolors he saw in California and Colorado galleries. As a consequence he decided to try watercolors again. This move produced paintings that have been described as "...watercolors painted like oils." His subject matter is mainly centered on beach scenes, in which his light effects have appealed to many. He has also painted pieces depicting life in the country and showing day to day scenes of cowhands, which he feels belongs so much to an American heritage(see below).

David currently lives in a small isolated village among rice paddys in central Thailand where he paints occasionally for a demanding market.

To see more of David's paintings visit his on-line gallery here

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